Welcome to CloudGPS project homepage. CloudGPS is Java ME mapping application using OpenStreetMap data and CloudMade services to provide following:

  • view different maps with panning and zomming:
  • Style 1 Style 2 Style 3 Style 4 Style 5

  • use GPS (internal, bluetooth) to show current position:
  • Using GPS - no fix Using GPS - fix available

  • find objects by name:
  • Search 1 Search 2

  • find route between two points:
  • Select starting point Select ending point Show route

  • route to destination using turn-by-turn instructions:
  • Navigation 1 Navigation 2

  • record and replay NMEA:
  • Open GPS log Replay GPS log

  • caching tiles without artifical limits,

  • will work on various devices:
  • Small screen 1 Small screen 2

  • and has some options:
  • Options 1 Options 2

Author of this software is Damian Waradzyn.

This software uses following free components:

Default skin uses following:

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